The Truth of Love

M.J. - Happiness found

“Before I got here I was sad and alone. I had a very destructive life. I didn’t care about me or others. I got kicked out of school and my family didn’t want to be around me. When I came to Mater Filius there was a lot of help and people guiding me. Mater Filius turned my life around. I started doing well in school…all A’s and B’s. I cared about myself, my baby, my family and friends. Now everyone wants to be around me. I’m not sad or depressed anymore. I’m happy about life and what I’m doing with it. I thank everyone for the help and support they gave me.”

Sofia - A New Life

Last fall Sofia was living with her boyfriend in South Florida, she was five months pregnant, and couldn't hide it from him anymore. When he found out about the pregnancy, what she feared most happened. He told her "abort or leave and don't come back."

Sofia found herself alone and on her own. Fortunately, she went to a nearby Catholic Church and met a representative from the Respect Life ministry who assured her she was not alone, and the baby was the priority. The representative from Respect Life called Mater Filius Miami.

We mobilized our Mater Filius Miami community and contacted Mater Filius Nebraska. After a 36 hour Greyhound journey, she was in the Mater Filius Nebraska Home, receiving the love, care, medical assistance, and spiritual support she needed. Four months later, in February of 2018, Sofia gave birth to a beautiful and healthy boy.

Kourney - Would Have Been Lost

“Mater Filius was a stepping stone for my baby and me, without it we would have been lost in this big world. It got me to where I am today; I am able to provide and care for my baby. Thank you so much!”