Emotional Support

Help for the whole person

Without mental and emotional stability, holding down a job and supporting a family can seem an impossible goal. Research shows more than half of homeless mothers experience emotional or mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety. And the trauma their children face can potentially spell a lifetime of devastation. The needs of people struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction are complex, but Mater Filius is passionate about helping mothers improve their lives mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our programs offer a variety of resources to meet needs and to provide real help and hope.

Upon entering Mater Filius, each expectant mother will be assigned a doula, or a confidante/mentor, who will accompany them during their stay and ensure their well-being. Doulas help our mothers grow and develop a strong sense of confidence and self-awareness to discover the greatness that lies in their hearts.

Supportive Services

Being a mother comes with a lot of responsibility. That’s why parenting education is at the core of the support we provide. As mothers progress through the program, additional assistance may be available. Families are able to enjoy a support structure with the eventual goal of becoming independent.