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When facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is no easy path. Maybe you’re worried about being able to feed your baby or afford a doctor. Maybe you just don’t feel prepared to raise a child without help. We understand this can be a scary time, filled with uncertainty. We would like to help you and if you are reading this, you’re already taking the first step. Good for you! As you take steps to love your child, you will grow more confident, feel at peace, and prepared for your future together.

Mater Filius provides not just a house with beds, nutritious food, diapers, bottles and cribs. Mater Filius is also a family. Everyone in the house encourages and supports the mothers and their babies. Becoming a mother necessitates learning new life skills, which we can provide.

We are here to support you unconditionally throughout your pregnancy and for up to eight months after the birth.