PROVIDING HOPE and CARE for Pregnant Women in South Florida.

Are you pregnant and alone without support?
We can help! Mater Filius Miami can provide you with a safe, nurturing home at NO COST to you.



Since its inception, Mater Filius has helped over 800 mothers who chose life.

At Mater Filius (Latin for Mother and Child) we reinforce the dignity of the mother and illuminate the gift of life within her.

Mater Filius Miami is a Catholic apostolate created to help pregnant women in the south Florida area who find themselves without support or financial resources. Along with housing, we provide food, clothing, coordination of medical care, and a specialized plan for each mother, to lift her in dignity and give her the tools to succeed - all free of charge - from the time the she enters the Mater Filius Miami home until her baby is 8 months old.

At Mater Filius Miami, all life is sacred. We accept pregnant women in need regardless of race, socioeconomic status, marital status, or religious affiliation.

You don’t have to go through a crisis pregnancy alone!

Anne's Story

Anne struggled in the early months of her pregnancy with Dash. Her marriage had fallen apart, her baby was at risk, she was scared, alone, and had no idea where to turn.

Thankfully, she found Mater Filius Miami and was given the help she needed! Since our Miami house was not yet open, we were able to connect her with our sister location in Dallas. Traveling to another location was not an easy decision for her, but in the end, Anne trusted God and allowed Mater Filius to help her. We were blessed to do so!

Our Home

  • Provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support for pregnant women of any, or no, faith

  • Encourages women to choose life for their unborn babies through support, education, and resources

  • Connects women to prenatal care and community services

  • Empowers courageous women, in faith and dignity, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • Teaches life skills, including decision-making, goal-setting, and personal responsibility, to provide a foundation for themselves and their children

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up!

Our house in South Florida is close to completion and we are excited at the possibility of welcoming new moms soon! In the interim, we are referring expectant mothers to our Mater Filius homes in Nebraska or Dallas by covering all related travel expenses to get them situated.