march 2022

Your generosity affords us the opportunity to nurture and support expectant mothers who are left homeless and with no resources.

Mothers like Maya, who at only seventeen years-old joined our community of expectant mothers after spending a few weeks in the care of Covenant House. 

Even though Maya's mother is still her legal guardian, she provides her with no emotional or financial support. In fact, upon learning she was pregnant, her mother kicked her out of the house, leaving Maya and her unborn child homeless.

If you had the chance to meet Maya, you would see how bright her light shines. She is brave for choosing life for her unborn child despite the challenges she has been faced with at such a young age. 

Able and eager to provide for herself and her baby, Maya wants to finish high school and secure a good job. Today, she is a new mom of a beautiful and healthy baby boy, received important life skills at Mater Filius and is well on her way for a promising future.

Our expectant mothers, who we endearingly refer to as Mathis – meaning “gift of God” – are a blessing, and it is our heartfelt mission to provide stable, nurturing homes for these women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. 

Would you please pray for our mothers and their babies? You are impacting lives at Mater Filius – thank you for your faithful support!