august 2022

Many  of the expectant mothers who enter our care arrive with older children. Although in many cases these children would be placed in foster care, at Mater we are committed to caring for them as a family, doing everything we can to keep mothers and their children together.

To live out our mission, we must serve the children who accompany their mothers as they prepare to birth and raise their siblings. For these children, Mater is a safe haven – possibly the only one they've ever known – that reminds them there is hope in the future. 

While these little ones are in our care, our faithful volunteers help tend to their day-to-day needs. 

Without our volunteers and your generosity, we would be unable to do things like transporting the children to medical appointments and getting them ready for school. We are so grateful for you and our volunteers!

When you support Mater Filius, you can rest assured knowing that when an expectant mother seeks refuge here, we welcome not only her but also her children. Children who are often “babies” themselves.

We are devoted to showering expectant mothers and their children with love, making sure they know how extraordinarily valuable they are. All of this is only possible through the help of those like you! 

Would you please pray for our mothers and their families? You are impacting lives at Mater Filius – thank you for your faithful support!