• We are pro-life. We recognize the value and dignity of every human being.
  • We are pro-woman. We want the mother to understand her value as a human being, and we will defend her dignity and we will respect her as a person.
  • We encourage the women to make the best possible choices themselves. Every woman can grow and be independent when they are nourished to grow emotionally and spiritually. When the mother leaves Mater Filius, she and her child can reintegrate into society with healthy, new behaviors and life goals.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, there are many options!

  • Internal volunteers. Internal volunteers work in our home with our mothers and their babies. Doulas work one on one with our mothers to provide them with loving guidance throughout their journey. We also have evening and weekend volunteers who work shifts at our home so the house mother can take time off.
  • External volunteers. External volunteers, while not working directly with our mothers, are still vitally important. These volunteers help with in-kind donations, workshops, yard work and more.

please write to: contact@materfiliusmiami.org or call us at: +1 786 671-6335

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