Below you will read how Mater Filius has touched the lives of one of our moms and volunteers in the US.

A Mother’s Word

“Before I got here I was sad and alone. I had a very destructive life. I didn’t care about me or others. I got kicked out of school and my family didn’t want to be around me. When I came to Mater Filius there was a lot of help and people guiding me. Mater Filius turned my life around. I started doing well in school…all A’s and B’s. I cared about myself, my baby, my family and friends. Now everyone wants to be around me. I’m not sad or depressed anymore. I’m happy about life and what I’m doing with it. I thank everyone for the help and support they gave me.” -MJ

Kathy, a volunteer

“Mater Filius has given me a purpose and a way to help others. It has also given me perspective on my own life and that I have a lot to be thankful for. I have been very touched by the relationships I’ve developed with not only the girls in the house but by the staff and other volunteers.”

Tehseen, a volunteer

“I didn’t know what to expect when I become a doula. My relationship with the young mother I mentored took a while before she could trust me, but it was a blessing to watch her bloom. I love to watch her and her son together today as they live their life outside of Mater Filius. We stay in regular contact and I’m still her biggest cheerleader. I really value her presence in my life and she’s a true example of how with God’s help, anyone can change.”